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hello everyone im bored and to fucking cold ive got three layers on and thinking of adding two more >.< or go to bed just to warm up but for the moment ive decided to make a list of top ten.
for this I shall write down my top favorites of a category each day and my top ten characters within them and now to start!

Games Top 5!

Number 1: Persona 4 Golden
ever since I got this game ive found it hard to put down once playing it in fact I go though my vitas whole charge in one sitting, I adore the characters and even love the game play.

now for my top ten characters from this game

1. adachi thoru
yes my fave guy is the *SPOILERS* the bad guy I like both his good side...well his kinda good side and his evil shadow version of him a dorky cop who love cabbages and a psycho who sends people to their death happily....not much more to be said ^^;

2. yu Narukami
yep the silent player who you never hear or see speak now most would like the ones with set personality and stuff but for some reason I really like yu and even the versions of him you can.

3. Ryotaro dojima
my third fave is the one and only uncle or as he perjures your mothers younger brother who is also a workaholic dad he seems ruff around the edges but is a kind man.

4. nanako dojima
now this little cute darling is just adorable and melts my heart quickly and I just wish to hug her when she even gets slightly to cute for words <3

5. yosuke hanamaru
now this klutz is a cute guy who puts up with more then he should he tends to make me smile with his antics and even if he is mainly used as comic relive he is still a good guy

Number 2: Pokemon
ok who does not love pokemon ive been playing this game since I was a young girl infact right from red and blue the starter games of the series and still is loyal to the games I own so many different pokemon games I could make a display for them! and im going to cheat >x3 thanks to pokemon yellow being based on the anime im going to add that to >x3

1. n
the moment I learned n cold talk to pokemon I knew he would quickly become a fave trainer and after seeing his struggle to overcome his father thought him quickly went to my number one spot

2. sycamore
now the first moment I saw him I was smitten must to my embarrassment and always got excited to see him and it was hard to chose n over him but he is a very close second! 

3. silver
and here is me and my badboy fangirl >.< when I was young I adored him and sadly I went a stole some candy that day pissed my mum of but now im older I like how he realizes his wrong ways and decides to make himself into a better person

4. ash
as I am cheating ill be doing this the anime way! when I was young ash was the reason I even got into pokemon I used to watch the show from early in the morning while getting ready for school! and I used to wish I was ash

5. gary
at first I did not like gary berlive it or not when I was young but going over him  again now im older I seem to like him a lot more even to have him in my top ten now both game and anime versions I like!

Number 3: Kingdom Hearts
now the ever popular game kingdom hearts been following this game for years now and still go back and play sometimes ^^ I can also make a damn cabinet like pokemon with just kingdom harts stuff

1. Sora
now who does not love sora he is kind and a true hero ive followed his adventure from the very beginning and I adore his personality and that fact he is a total cutey

2. zexion
now I adore zexion and not sure why fully I love his personality and even his emo self though I need to play the game he is in >.> only read the manga and watched vids on him on youtube and his cut scenes to

3. riku
a our tinted hero who was once dark but now a child of dawn (>>) his story has always interested me and I wish we could get a game on his view point from the games so badly

4. demyx
dance water dance nothing more needs to be said on this goofy guy

5. marluxia
this sassy flower guy im sure is gay (or only in my dreams) he is where I got my love of scyths from <3 after seeing him fight with one

Number 4: legand of Zelda
also been foling t for a long time even before pokemon and nindento MAJORAS MASK REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

1. kafei
ive adored him shice I was small and one of the few people who hate the fact he gets marryed to his wife im not sure why and my secret headcannon is he is adopted by the mayor and his wife after a Keaton gave him to them

2. link
its link any version is awesome he is the hero! nothing more to be said

3. vaati
now I was first found out about him I wa reading a manga and that was the reason I even got the minsh cap >x3 he is one evil bugger I seem to adore and one of the cutest minsh ever <3

4. midna
one of the few ladys on my list sis a strong and highly miscveous girl I know >X3 she is the whole reason I could not stop playing twilight princess now I am a fan of her imp form dislike her true form ><

5. sheik
now im a fan of male sheik and you can convince me he is female now if it is Zelda she used her magic to turn male to hide in my mind that true (and my headcannon won't add because people won't like it)

Number 5: dragon age
one of the few games ive completed many times and I don't care in dragon age two the maps are reused

1. fenris
ah this angry mage hater ex slave not sure why he is my fave considering I love magic and being a mage in game he is cute at times and I must say my most romanced guy in the game <3 (also elf <3)

2. anders
now this poor guy all he wants is for mages to have freedom and even lets a spirit of justice enter his body and even more sad justice became corrupted my anders anger ive always wanted to him

3. zevran
now zevran the cocky guy who wants in your pants even though he was going to kill you x3 .......and fucking hell rumors to not have him inn dragon age inquisition

4. alistar
now this guy is a total sweetheart and a goof to though its sad you need to be slightly mean for him to be a good king >.< in his personal quest

5. jowan
now this stuped man becoming a blood mage >.< but even when he did wrong he still wanted to help and even tried to fix his dark past (even though he would be killed to do it)

Number 6:  Okami
oh i love this gem of a game <3 the style is very beautiful the character's are varied and different the only sad thing for me is i wanna know what happened when ammy arrived the the celestial plain >.< i want a okami two

1. Ammy
and of course my fave is out silent god herself <3 she is the true hero in this story and for someone who does not speak she has a nice personality and good reactions

2. waka
now my second fave is the half baked prophet the first time i saw him i was smitten and his personality is awesome >x3 ma chérie<3

3.  kurow
ah this little guy >x3 much like waka i was quickly taken in by him though i hate his future ;.; i shall miss you little dude

4.  issun
and now the little perv he is a one of my fave comic relief ive ever seen

5.  oki
first things first i have very jealous over him being able to transform into a fucking wolf!!!

Number 7:  legend of dragoon
was my top fave game from childhood while i personally sucked at the game i remember watching my brother play this for hours as i sat next to him cheering him on when he was using any dragoon spirit ah fun times <3 now im a little better at the same but still can't finish it >.< damn it

1. dart
my absult fave from this game will have to be dart though the thing i hated most in the game as a kid and now was Shana >.< and how they got in a relationship personally i see them as brother and sister and nothing more in my eyes *sigh*

2. albert
and her comes the king in second most would rather place lavitz higher then albert but i rather like the king more and the fact when young he was the first king i had ever seen actually fight his battles so i ended up admiring him

3. Rose
ah the lady of darkness herself she was the reason while i was young i wished to become one with darkness and helped his with my fear of the dark so she holds a nice spot in my heart

4.  lavitz
and now i have the so loved tragic hero well he is a true noble hearted man and few would die for their king and friend ;.;

5.  lloyd
yep the evil guy who has done many bad things in his life is one of my top 5 >x3 well i also think he is one of the reasons i got into white hair >x3

Number 8: galerians
ah the game that started my love of horror games <3 and magical/psychic ability i remember running around with a fake injecting gun made froma ton of gray testers and a red or green tester pretending to inject myself with the power rion had <3

1.  rion
the psychic hero of both games and i must say i love his name >x3 and oddly was my childhood hero >.> as odd as it seems but to a young me he seems awesome

2.  lillia
i think her voice was the first female voice in the first game i fell for and i still like hearing her voice and she was such a sweet girl for such a dark game

3. ash
now here is one of my fave psychos in gaming >x3 and not just becose of the kiss he has with rion (even if was kinda creepy and the start of my male x male fascination) and with all his faults he seems a little more human out of each galerians dorphy made i think

4. cain
ah rions psychio up himself cocky vain prick of a twin and the beginning of my bad guy fascination

5. birdman
well i had to add someone else so the birdman it is >x3 i would love his teleporting powers

Number 9: dynasty warriors(any) / samurai warriors chronicle
as this is two games on one i kinda cheated as they are mostly the same and even have a game together so ive grouped them together though both are fantastic  games

1.  zhou yu
oh zhou yu the first time i played a dynasty warriors game i got a huge crush on him as you made a character and become under his rule in it and going higher in the army <3

2. hanbei takenaka
oh hanbei he is my first crush from samurai warriors and still is one of my most played and loved character in the games <3

3. ranmaru mori
he is a total adorable sweetheart and i just want to hug him so badly <3 my second most used guy

4.  mitsunari ishida
mistunari i loved his story in samurai warriors chronicle that he became my third most used guy <3

5.  mitsuhide akechi
and i adore this guy two and when i decide not to use my self i use this guy in my forth slot <3

Number 10:  spyro
i loved this game as a kid ive got all of the spyro games under my paws >x3 from the original spyro games to the legend remake and even skylanders <3 and i still enjoy them alot

1.  spyro
the true hero has changed over the years from the cocky head strong baby dragon to the teenage hero of legends and the goblin looking skylander i think he is still going to be a hero for a long time

2. cynder
ah most for some reason don't like her and make her some kind of bitch well personally i loved this character and often liked her play style and elements more then spyro

3.  cheetah
ah the goofy cat is the version i adored way more then the legend version and i still giggle at him sometimes

4. sheila
ah even though im aussy and don't speak like that i still like this character >x3 and the few times i like kangaroos

5. ignitus
ah this sweet kind dragon is my fave elder out of them all and i cryed when he seemed to die

Honorable mention: super smash bros (will update when new game comes out)

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