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colored… 10 points
colored with background… 15 points
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extra characters 2 points each go's up to 6 but if you want more note me with what yo want and we mite come up with a comprise
1 point = llama
2 points = llama + 1 fave
3 points = llama + 3 faves
4 points = llama + 5 faves + one comment
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Psychic fox pony Adopt by ShifterDreams
Psychic fox pony Adopt
hey everyone i need 10 points for a commission so i made a adopt to get those points i hope someone likes him and will adopt him his cutie mark means he is a psychic mainlt can read someones mind
Adopted By SnapDragonAdopts
Deer by ShifterDreams
rune is a sassy guy and is also a bit of a flirt most of the time he just says things on a whim not really meaning what he says but once he actually try's he is a real charmer and he tends to be a bit smug and is proud of his looks and because of this he also is a bit vain he takes good care of his body and uses many products to help him do this like expensive hair products and skin lotion and often does for a jog each morning to keep his body in shape and he is playful as well and sometimes a little childish but mainly when playing with children which he adores them and gets protective of them even if he has never met the child, he absolutely loves learning new things and is a bit of a book nerd he has quight the collection of books on various subjects and is very smart when he wants to be
seren and rune sighed as they walked behind their future guild leader Ezekial they had been walking for well over two hours now and there closing in on their detestation rune had gotten bored of pissing of their fellow travelers with his flirting mainly the serious ralts named nidos

seren was chatting with a happy skitty named Kuulass they where quight happy chatting and rune looked at them a little jealous and mumbled a little but quickly stoped as he suddenly could smell a smoke like sent he trotted towards ezekial when suddenly a fist was smashed into his face and was sent flying

once he landed ezekial shouts "here they come get ready!" rune stabds up to see a grinning riolu standing infount of him "heh time to go down cat" run quickly gets on his feet and looks around quickly to make sure seren was ok she was busy fighting a rattata and swablu

rune growled at the riolu "get out of my way dog i have someone to help" the riolu just rushes forwards towards him geting a shadow claw ready just before the shadow claw hits rune he stops it with a iron tail "gonna have to be better then that"

rune grinned and his fangs toke a blue hue to them and he lunged towards the riolu and bite his arm hard and the riolu screamed out in pain and growled angrily .lifting a paw to the side of runes head with a blue sphere runes eyes widened and he let go to love but it was two late and he was sent flying into the ground and struggled to get up

but all of a sudden the riolu was shot into the air as a cyndaquil used his dig attack on the riolu and from the air a ice beam was slammed into the riolus back by a dratini once the riolu hit the ground he fainted on the spot

rune nodded at the two and they nodded back and headed towards the caravan to attack some of the pokemon attempting to enter it rune looked at seren and gasped she was really injured and rushed towards her getting a signal beam ready to be shot at the ratata attacking her.

---------------Five Minute Earlier----------------

Seren Gasped as rune was sent soring past her she turned to run towards him but a swablu lands in fount of her "your not going anywhere eevee...if thats ok?" seren growled "please g...get" she flinced looking unsure she looked around seeing the fight "um could you please move out of the way....i really don't want to hurt you..."

she did not notice the ground under her and screamed in pain as she landed on the ground she shivered as her body normally did not take being hit by physical attack's once the ratata landed on the ground he quickly used a flame wheel on seren she shuddered in pain and curled up into herself

the swablu was tackled by the skitty and the ralts as they attacked her the ratata was suddenly hit by a signal beam as rune ran towards them "don't you dare hurt her" suddenly a huge roar was heard and two fox like pokemon where thrown past them and limped away rune and seren looked towards the flygon as a large group of pokemon was running towards them and the theifing pokemon fled the scene

Ezekial lifted seren up and placed her inside the cart along with other ingured pokemon for the rest of the way to the destination it was only a hour later seren woke up and saw rune siting next to you waiting for her to wake up "hey feeling better" she smiled and nodded "yeah i am"
Mission Zero
and here is mission zero for pmdo and im a much better artist then story teller >.< this sucks i know but with moving i don't have much time but mission 1 will be by art >.>

ill fix this up so its more filled out later maybe later ill remake it as a art thing  

Art App…
Writing App…

Fox Trot…
Cafe time…
Scapegrace crashed-on-the-moon.deviantart…
Wunderkind bewitchingfribbler.deviantart.…
Lunar Libretto…
hello everyone im making a little project od drawing persona 4 characters into ponys from my little pony mainly 
Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Rise Kujikawa, Teddie, Naoto Shirogane, Nanako Dojima, Ryotaro Dojima and Tohru Adachi
and im curious what race (earthor pegaus or unicorn) do you think they would be

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